Gespeaker supports two different speech engines: espeak, the default native and MBROLA, an extra engine that offers more realistic voices.

It’s possible to read the page Demo voices to listen some examples of both speech engines.

To use espeak no configuration is needed at all, Gespeaker will use it natively, just to select the desired language and to set the voice settings.

Installation of MBROLA

To use MBROLA install the package mbrola first and then install at least one MBROLA voice like for example mbrola-en1 or mbrola-us3 (the exact package name to install depends from the distribution).

MBROLA usage

Preferences window for MBROLA

After installing the required packages check in the preferences window the MBROLA voices tab to verify that the path of the voices is that where they were installed and click the Refresh button to search the voices in the new path. The default path for the MBROLA voices is /usr/share/mbrola.

After installing the MBROLA voices or after changing the voices path a restart of Gespeaker is needed to see the new voices.