Version 0.8.6 (Aug 2, 2015)

  • Updated translations

Version 0.8.5 (Oct 4, 2014)

  • Updated translations

Version 0.8.4 (Sep 6, 2014)

  • Updated translations

Version 0.8.3 (Aug 31, 2014)

  • Updated translations
  • New Arabic translation by M I
  • New Vietnamese translation by Anh Phan
  • New Turkish translation by Necdet Yücel

Version 0.8.2 (Oct 17, 2010)

  • Removed the plugins amsn, emesene, kopete, pidgin, telepathy They were moved to another source repository for separated maintenance and versioning
  • Added handlepaths to
  • If the specified MBROLA folder doesn’t exist fallback to the default path
  • Switch to the new mbrola and espeak versions
  • New German translation by Heinrich Schwietering
  • New Faroese translation by Gunleif Joensen
  • Fixed handling of broken symlinks for amsn and emesene plugins

Version 0.8.1 (Jun 26, 2010)

  • New bulgarian translation by Svetoslav Stefanov
  • User configuration moved in XDG_CONFIG_HOME instead of previous hardcoded folder (sorry for your saved settings)
  • New plugins architecture
  • Moved dbus, save voice settings, save window size, welcome message in external plugins
  • New command-line features
  • Stop previous play on quit (moved on external plugin)
  • New plugins: debug, save window position
  • New plugins minimal configuration in preferences dialog
  • New Telepathy, Pidgin, Emesene, Kopete and aMSN plugins

Version 0.8 (Jun 13, 2010)

  • Moved translators from .po files to doc/translators
  • New Polish translation by Andrey J
  • New DBUS interface to interact from external apps
  • Fixed minimum words gap from 5 to 0 in main UI

About dialog for Gespeaker 0.8

Version 0.7 (Dic 13, 2009)

  • New handlepaths module to reflect the changed directory structure
  • New for distutils installation
  • New packaging following the Debian policy

About dialog for Gespeaker 0.7

Version 0.6 (Jul 18, 2009)

  • Fixed audio testing localized string
  • An error message is now shown if the audio player is not found instead of quietly ignore the error
  • New spanish translation provided by David Prieto
  • New MBROLA support with more realistic voices
  • Added MBROLA voices to languages list
  • Tabbed preferences dialog for new MBROLA support
  • Moved language, voice type and variants to base settings and pitch, volume, speed and gap sliders to advanced settings upon suggestion of frandavid100
  • Added automatic txt extension on saving text file
  • Added automatic wav extension on saving WAVE file This was causing weird noises on playing the recorded track if it wasn’t a .wav filename

Main window for Gespeaker 0.6

Preferences window for MBROLA for Gespeaker 0.6

Version 0.5 (Jun 30, 2009)

  • Added an extender separator for settings to allow maximum usage of the window with the text
  • Added filters for load/save text dialogs
  • Added support for recording the audio track to wave
  • Added a statusbar showing the active record mode
  • Added preferences dialog
  • Added preferences save and reload for welcome message, window size, voice settings and expander status
  • Added support for audio frontend: ALSA (aplay), PulseAudio (paplay) and user customized player command, with audio command test
  • Added voice variants by scanning /usr/share/espeak-data/voices/!v folder for extra voice variants
  • Fixed stock icon for DialogFileOpenSave

Main window for Gespeaker 0.5

Preferences window for Gespeaker 0.5

Version 0.4 (Jun 20, 2009)

  • Added SubprocessWrapper.Popen to wrap subprocess.Popen in order to support python versions prior to 2.6 which don’t have the delete argument on object creation
  • Added TempfileWrapper.NamedTemporaryFile to wrap tempfile’s Popen object in order to support python versions prior to 2.6 which don’t have terminate and send_signal methods Actually no more used, left for future usage
  • Now Gespeaker works with python version 2.4 and higher
  • Temporary file for output to speech is created at program start so new temporary files are no longer created after each play
  • Included pause and resume features
  • New icon and logo, kindly provided by MIX
  • New french translation provided by Emmanuel

Main window for Gespeaker 0.4

Version 0.3 (Jun 18, 2009)

  • Used only for testing, never released
  • Added support for voice type (male/female) via +12 for female voice
  • Removed escaped text substitution with a more secure temporary file with the text to play
  • Substituted direct shell piping with more secure subprocess’ piping
  • Better control of external calls, now both espeak and player execution are polled for exitcode and terminated if requested
  • Added documentation and artists parameters to DialogAbout

Version 0.2 (Jun 14, 2009)

  • Changed UI layout according to GNOME 2.32 HIG specifications
  • Fixed DialogAbout.set_icon_from_file icon usage, which was wrongly hardcoded
  • Symlinked copyright file to /usr/share/doc/gespeaker/copyright

Main window for Gespeaker 0.2

Version 0.1 (Jun 13, 2009)

  • Initial release

Main window for Gespeaker 0.1