Model ListDisplayLink


The ListDisplayLink model allows to set the list_display_links attribute in the Django Admin models to define what columns in the records list can be clicked to access the record in Django Admin.

Clickable columns

In the above example the id and the __str__ columns in the ListDisplayAdmin, ListDisplayLinkAdmin and ListFilterAdmin are set as clickable.

After modifying the ListDisplayLink model you will have to restart the Django application to load the new settings.


The following fields are present into the model:

Name Type Description
id Integer (automatic) Uniquely identifies the record into the model
__str__ Character (automatic) Shows a brief description of the record in the model
model Character Identifies the model name to configure
field Character Identifies the field name in the admin model to configure
order Integer Defines the numeric order of the fields to configure
is_active Boolean Allows to enable or disable the the configured field