Django Admin Settings is a Django application to configure some aspects of the Django Admin administration interface.

Columns list

Using the models ListDisplay and ListDisplayLink will be possible to configure the records list in Django Admin.

Filters list

Using the ListFilter model will be possible to define what filters are available in the side panel.


The settings and models documentation for Django Admin Settings can be found in the Documentation section.


The application can be added to any existing project, simply by installing the package and then adding the application to the INSTALLED_APPS variable in the Django project’s settings:



The stable versions released with source code and prebuilt packages are linked in the Download page. For information about installation from packages or source code please refer to the Installation page.

The Django Admin Settings development version source code is available on GitHub.


Django Admin Settings is distributed as open source code available on GitHub under GNU GPL-3+ license (GNU General Public License version 3 or higher). The software is supplied as is and it doesn't offer any warranty. Anyone can fork the project, modify and distribute it under the same GNU GPL-3+ license.