Watchpage is a command-line tool to monitor the changes to webpages groups. It’s designed to ease the software maintainers job and to monitor the projects’ websites changes in order to get the newer versions links.

The configuration is done using files in YAML format containing one or more targets to check. For each target you can define some filters to use to get the results:

NAME: monitor-watchpage
PARSER: html5lib
TYPE: links
  - STARTS: ''
  - ENDS: '.tar.gz'
STATUS: true

The previous example describes a configuration file contaning a target named monitor-watchpage which will check the webpage using the html5lib parser, getting all the links in the page, making them absolute and it will filter only those starting with and ending with .tar.gz

All the resulting data from this verification will be compared with the previous results and the differences will be shown (the newer or the links modified after the previous check).

A configuration file can include one or more targets to monitor separated by three dashes at the bottom.

To use the configuration file it’s also needed to specify where to save the results from the checks, in order to be able to get the differences for the next checks.

$ watchpage --config watchpage.yaml --result ~/.cache/watchpage

The produced result will be similar to the following:

Target: monitor-watchpage
Date: 2023-08-17 15:33.21

The same results will be saved in a results file with the same name of the target in the YAML file, for this example the results will be saved in a file named monitor-watchpage.txt.

On the next WatchPage execution with the same configuration file the results will be compared with the previous file results and only the eventual differences will be shown.

For example:

Target: monitor-watchpage
Date: 2023-08-18 17:45.06

For a complete arguments list documentation please refer to the Documentation and for some usage examples please see the Examples page.


The stable versions released with source code and prebuilt packages are linked in the Download page. For information about installation from packages or source code please refer to the Installation page.

The WatchPage development version source code is available on GitHub.


WatchPage is distributed as open source code available on GitHub under GNU GPL-3+ license (GNU General Public License version 3 or higher). The software is supplied as is and it doesn't offer any warranty. Anyone can fork the project, modify and distribute it under the same GNU GPL-3+ license.