Build process

Unlike other softwares Remmina Plugin Builder is not meant to be installed and run on your machine but it provides a development environment to build plugins for Remmina.

Its purpose is to ease the process of building Remmina plugins, which at the actual stage, would require the whole Remmina source code to simply build a plugin. Using Remmina Plugin Builder the build process will simply require the plugin source code files to be put into a specific folder and compile it with few commands.

Prepare for the build

The prepare process simply needs the extraction of Remmina Plugin Builder source code using:

cd "~/folder with the downloaded file"
mkdir build
tar xvzf "file name.tar.gz" -C build
cd build/remmina-plugin-builder-*

Compile the plugin

Then you need to put the plugin source code into the remmina-plugin-to-build folder and compile everything using:


If the previous commands don’t return any errors you should read something like:

Scanning dependencies of target PLUGIN-NAME
[100%] Building C object remmina-plugin-to-build/PLUGIN-NAME/..o
Linking C shared library
[100%] Built target PLUGIN-NAME

The compiled plugin library can be found under remmina-plugin-to-build/PLUGIN-NAME folder.

Install the plugin

If you want to automatically install the plugin in your system you can use:

sudo make install

Package the plugin

If you want to package the plugin instead of intall it in your system you can use:

make DESTDIR=FOLDER install

You should see something similar to:

[100%] Built target PLUGIN-NAME
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Release"
-- Installing: PACKAGE/usr/lib/remmina/plugins/
-- Installing: PACKAGE/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/emblems/PLUGIN-NAME.png
-- Installing: PACKAGE/usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/emblems/PLUGIN-NAME.png

Finally you’ll find the plugin library under the specified destination folder. It’s up to you to complete the rest of the package itself.


After the installation/package phase the whole build folder can be removed.